Monday, February 26, 2007

Meeting Esther (a)

Esther's Folded Hands

Explaining Her Day

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Time Passing (b)

Older Woman Without a "Perm" or Who Cares


Time Creeps On
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

When Life and Laughter then Appears (d)


Passing Her By

Life and Laughter

sometimes she laughs like I remember .....
sometimes her eyes sparkle with delight of being
Full of anticipation
for the next momment's surprise

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Handwork (c)

Leaning Grandma

Sitting Satisfied

Hands Up and Down


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At Home (ii)

On the Couch

Thinking Hard

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friends (iii)

Burdened Man

Robust Thinking Man

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The Calling (i)

To the Artist in Me

In Earnest

Waitng on the Rocker

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Memories and Time (e)


... facing timePosted by Picasa

that boy named Caleb (iv)

the boy's face as he....

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Fall Figures 2006 (2)

At Rest in the Light

Ocher Woman Landscape
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Fall Figures 2006 (3)


Back of Woman on Orange

Laid Back
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Fall Figures 2006 (5)

Before Him


White Translucent Woman Landscape
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Figures in Fall 2006 (6)

Top Hat

Facing Each Other in the Light

Worlds Apart
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Fall Figures 2006 (4)

Middle Aged

Crumpled Paper

Woman on Checkerboard
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